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Need advise on budget overclocker

Im thinking on selling my 3700 Sandeago and Asrock MB to sombody for 150.00 so I can get started building another budget overclocker.

The choices are with processor's
AMD_ 2X5200 at 2.6 an 2X1meg cash a good overclocker but if there's
a better overclocker in the 300 down range let me know.
An Intel core 2 duo E-6600 with a 2X2_meg l2 cash at about 320.00
buck's. I have to tell you Ive become a AMD wizzard over the last
copple year's, but Im leaning tward the Intel cpu this time the problem
is If I do the Intell I need advise on the Mother Board.I just dont want
to have to spend a fortune on the MB but I want it to use DDR-2 6400
ram. And I want a good Bios that will let me Overclock up to over 3Gig .
Ill proubly be useing a single video card so SLI isint a priority but I
dont mind if it;'s on the board. Ill probubly need a ram recomindation
with the MB the rest I can handel. thanks for your time. BA
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