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That ABIT Board look's nice, but i have done exactly what you have done severall times. I by the budget board and then find out that it dosent overclock do to lac of feature's. And then bought the higher priced board.
I would kind of like to buy a board that will do most everything I want the first time around. I dont need sli because im sitting on 2 6800gs card's im only useing 1 now, as i only use 1024X768 res the second card is useless to me. But I dont know enough about the Intell line of product's to buy the right one the first time. I mean i should be able to find a P965 if that is infact the right NORTHBRIDGE chipset to buy im just thinking that i can buy one for onefifty or so. I just want one tht has all the overclocking option's and 1 pciex16 slot-2 if I have to. Kind of like getting by on the standard Asus board instead of the Deluxe bord as i never seam to use all the extra option.

Every time I buy a gigabyte board it has that onboard OC program on it and not useing the right pci lock's in the bio's but that's with the AMD line. This is allways a learning process as life like painting a house is allways a 2 coat deal. Im just hoping that I can mabey catch someone that has allready made this mistake. I know that im not the only dye hard AMD fan that is considering switching intell hell I wanted to do it when the 805's cme out. But found a ASrock board that just about did everything I wanted with my old 3700 for 65 buck's. That board stilll amazes me as so cheap a board.

Thay allways just amaze me because of all the usefull option's that nobudy else dose like DDR and DDR-2 memory slot's or pciex-16 slot with onboard 6100/6150 video on the same board. Usefull option's that let you get buy on the onboard video or that older ram untill you can buy a good video card. Instead of the deluxe Asus with 2 onboard sound and 3 diferent internet option's. Im just tired of paying for crap Im not going to use. But dont want to go to cheap and not be able to OC properly. There has to be a middle ground someware. And thanks for the time-sorry for the mini story almost book -Badarthur. Thank's
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