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HDD not posting on P5W DH, Please Help!

Here is a quick lowdown of whats going on:
Asus P5W DH Deluxe Mobo.
2 x LG GSAH22N DVDRW Drives
1 x Samsun SpinPoint T HD321KJ 320GB HDD hooked up too SATA1
On startup I get an audible beep (I guess that means no primary device) then when everything posts I get the Jmicron error saying no master boot device detected. Then once I'm in BIOS it lists the hard drive as the 3rd master device not the primary and the dvdrw drives aren't listed at all. But when I go to the boot order menu it'' be listed HDD, DVD Drive, then just CDROM drive.
The hard drive has 8 prong jumper selection and I've put the jumper on the 2nd set of prongs from the left (I guess that's master).
The DVDRW Drives have 6 prong jumper selection of which I've put each of those jumpers on the middle set of prongs.
I've also gone to the advanced tab and checked to make sure the JMicron SATA/PATA controller is Enabled, JMicron Controller mode is set to Basic, and JMicron SATA/RAID BOOTROM is disabled.
So the problem is: Beep on startup, bios doesn't recognize hdd, all which means I can't install windows.
Please help!

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