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Sudden stop

I have the following system set up:

-MSI K8-neo motherboard with optional d bracket
- AMD 64 (think it's the 3500+ but can't remember exactly)
- 2 x 180gb hard drives
- ATI All-in-wonder 9800 pro
- Soundblaster audigty sound card
- 1gb ddr 1 ram

I was using the system last night when the screen went black, so I proceeded to reboot the system and nothing appeared on the screen whilst the d bracket displayed the led's saying that it was testing vga bios and doesn't proceed any further. There is power running to the hide drives and fans as they all spin up and the hard drives start to read.

So i reset the cmos, and removed the graphics cards. The motherboard then beeped, as it should, to say that there was no card installed. So I reseated the graphics card and it would not show a image on screen (with no audible bleeps being heard).

This morning it was still displaying the same led diagnostic pattern, but when I turned on the system I got the beep to say that everything was normal.

I have a feeling that my graphics card is dead, but I can't test it in another machine or another card in that machine (as I don't have another card). So I need some advice as to if it is likely that the card is dead or if the motherboard is on it's way out or not.
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