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Help OC'ing my FX-60 on ECS KN1SLI Extreme mobo!

Time to enlist the hardware hacking community on this one. I just traded in my 4600+ for an FX-60 and I want to hit at least 3.0 GHZ on this baby. My 4600 hit 2.76 GHZ by setting HT at 4x and clock frequency to 230, voltage bumped .75v and minor RAM voltage bump. The FX-60 is multiplier unlocked so I figured with a 14x multiplier plus some voltage and clock tinkering I could hit 3.0, but one small problem. My ECS KN1SLI Extreme motherboard doesn't show me multipliers!! Only clock, HT bus
(16 up/down, 8up/16down, etc) voltage, RAM voltage and latency settings. I tried using nTune since this is a nForce4 mobo, can adjust all the same settings there except Multiplier is 'greyed' out and locked also, no adjustments allowed, nTune won't let me touch the voltages from in their either. I need suggestions because I am fearing that I my have to upgrade mobo's (again) just to get at my new 'unlocked' FX-60, and if I upgrade the board again I am getting a whole new system based on the Intel 775 nVidia 680i chipset. Any help would be appreciated guys!

Ken FX-60 (Formerly: Ken X2)
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