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The PSP PSU is a switching design, which can handle anything from 100V to 240V. At least it is in Europe and Japan.

The downside is that AAA batteries don't have much capacity compared to the standard PSP battery. Sony's standard PSP battery is 1800mAh (the high capacity one is 2200mAh). Rechargable AAA batteries are about 800mAh, and standard alkaline cells depend on how much current is being drawn.

Using a figure of 0.9V minimum per cell (equiv to a 2.7V battery), and using 300mA as the running current (for GTA: see here), together with Duracell's data for a Duracell CopperTop AAA battery, and you can take an estimated guess that three Duracell AAA CopperTop batteries might net you 3hours of GTA. Using the PSP with a web browser (about 500mA consumption) and you'd be lucky to get an hour.

I'm not sure this is really a viable hack - perhaps the link to the GTA figures would be a better mod? There's still room for improvement in terms of efficiency. As far as the PSP's time remaining display goes - it's designed to predict the run time from a lithium-ion battery, not an alkaline battery.
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