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Originally Posted by elfy
i'[ve found the voltage regulator and even a spec sheet for it, but it doesn't describe the feedback pin
isl6612cb, there appears to be 4 next to the cpu, would it make a difference for which one to mod? and where would i ground it? (i've followed very specific guides for my other mods so not really sure about this)
any help would be appreciated, thanks
Getting ready to go to the movies. I'll be happy to help you with this once I'm back.

What you've posted is not the voltage regulator; it is the mosfet driver IC.

The driver ICs are all 8 or 10-pin packages. The voltage regulator will be something more like a 28 or 32-pin package, but it will be in that same area. If you can arrange it, a pic (at the highest resolution you can manage) of the PC board in the immediate are of the IC would be helpful as well.

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