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Originally Posted by gizmo
Yeah, the logic of that move escapes me:

"Let's build a chipset that will work with our competitor's products, but not too well, thus ensuring that only the bottom feeders in the market will even be potentially interested in it. Oh by the way, that means that we won't be able to make very much (if any) money on it, either."

They would've been better off just to can the thing if they were going to go this route.

IMO they should've built the best chipset for the buck that they could. There is absolutely nothing wrong with making money off your competitor, and the entire market knows that Intel will turn on them in an instant if Intel thinks they can turn a profit by doing so. It has been demonstrated time after time. Futhermore, they could've put some pressure on nVidia in the chipset business. As it is? Everybody will just laugh at AMD's Intel offering, which will in turn result in questions about how good the offering for their own chip is.
You're talking talking about something like this?

Originally Posted by Inq
Then DAAMIT came to be, and so did many other things, including uncertainty over the fate of this chipset, coupled with substantial success and performance-crown-snaffling by the Nforce 680i. After all, Intel has not too much interest in its chief competitor influencing its systems, nor did AMD have much interest in creating a 'too good' chipset for its, well, chief competitor.
I don't know, and this article in particular is basing its info on an event half a year ago. Intel has also been pressuring severely, resulting in only DFI producing a board for the ATI/AMD RD600 chipset.
I've been watching the RD600 chipset through the DFI version for a while now. It has some unique features like independent FSB overclocking, physics support, PCI-E RAID, etc.
Performance clock per clock isn't super, but it's not that bad either. The differences lie between small percentages. Maybe it gets better when the board matures somewhat.
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