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I was just going to post that was an absolute steal at £117.49, now its £135!

The core 2's do have that my god my computer is doing everything i tell it to instantly factor, yet when overclocked they're even quicker, especially in vista (as i've probably said a many of times now! it really like the dual core)

push these core 2's people, 3 GHz should be no sweat, the p5b will help nicely 50% overclocks on the e6400 are quite common.
which means in terms of folding potential by overclocking you can increase performance by the speed of one of your cores!

(2.13GHz x 2 = 4.26GHz folding power, 50% o/c -> 3.2GHz x 2 = 6.4GHz of folding power so + 2.13GHz!)

As for hard drive speed, does the Hitachi use perpendicular recording ? if so then its equal to the Seagate 7200.10, if it doesnt then the seagate is quicker! i get silly speeds on my raid 0 config
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