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Thanks guys for getting back to me

How about this ....... I have another computer with an XP 1700 and an ECS K7S5A with a stck on 512 DDR PC 2100. I could put the 'pc 150' in there and use the DDR with the P 4

If I were to do that ........ then what are some good P 4 boards with DDR. I know the Abit BD 7. What are the other ones

I was hoping by now that DDR would have come down in price and be more reasonable ...... is there anyplace to get some good priced DDR

I want one that has 2 IDE channels like my BxMaster ..... this way I can have 4 devices all as Masters and potentialy hook up to 8 devices

The BxMaster comes with an on board Promise ultra 66 controller. I dont think boards today come with an extra IDE controller but rather an on board RAID controller. I dont want to use raid so if the board allows the Hard Drives on the RAID controller to be regular IDE Hard Drives that would be great
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