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Damn, I should have saved the E-mail. I was looking at sound cards, one of the threads here, and I noticed that this was the first time I have seen gear approved for XP but with no mention of W2K, all their new cards were listed this way. So I wrote them and asked if a "Fatality" would run on my box. They had the insanity to write back and suggest I upgrade to Vista (Which they don't have drivers for!~) or XP which they do! Or go with their outdated hardware. I wrote back and said I'd be find buying from someone that give a crap about me and how I want to do things....they didn't see any point in responding....

Personally, my guess is that it would run just fine on my W2K box. But who needs a company that treats it's customers like this. It's stupid really ( unless cash or considerations have changed hands at creative)

MOST of their past users are still W2K or MS wouldn't be (My guess here nothing more) paying them not to provide drivers for W2K, when MS SHOULD be insisting they do!!
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