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Its just plain old html. I deleted some javascript from the page. Maybe that was prohibiting FF...
I bet there is some browser compatibility code I could add so FF can view it, I'll look into it.
Otherwise I will be adding photos to the forum as I take em.

Here is the chassi that I modded and painted. I decided to use the hammered finish gray so it will have a stony look. I cut out the rectangle at the top, two fan holes at the bottom, and some ovals in back for stealthing the cables.
Dungeon mod-painted-chassi2.jpg

Here is the starting work on the side panel. I drew out everything with a marker and then started carving away. I will be cutting the window in the arch area and adding some rusty old bars.
Dungeon mod-side-panel.jpg

A close-up of my brick work. After some sanding they really look like hand cut bricks. I plan to paint the side panel with the same hammered finish and it should hide any mistakes that you see now.
Dungeon mod-brick-work.jpg
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