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Originally Posted by nick16934
I must be doing something wrong....
Or does the 9731 refer to the new forceware...
97.31 is the most recent official release - but please bear in mind the 6100 embedded graphics solution is limited - it usually borrows system memory and doesn't compete with the 6600 range which runs the first person shooters fairly well (Unreal, Doom3, Quake4, FEAR etc) - or for that matter even the older 5600 and 4200 cards. Wind down the resolution and detail settings - lousey graphics but games should be playable and the freezes should stop but if you're into first person shooters the answer is a PCI-E card - 6600 min but 7600, 7900 or even 8800 for DX10 would be worth the expense - just check you have a PCI-E slot and a suitably rated PSU !
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