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Originally Posted by keithwalton
2643 for the core 2, and 2319 for the opty is hardly the same score considering they're clocked at the same speed. Thats more than a 10% gap in performance.

Is it a futuremark bug in it reading your core 2 having a 266fsb ? unless you have an unlocked e6600 that should be 333mhz fsb to hit 3GHz.

When i ran '06 back when my computer was air cooled i got 3066 for the cpu bench with my core 2 at 3.5GHz,
whats do you get with your e6600 at 3.8GHz Dave ?
Of course, I myself am not talking direct performance comparison, but merely end result. Of course the Opty is a bit slower...nothing new there Keith. And yes, a Futuremark bug.

@ 3.8ghz, the score is linked in my sig... care to click?


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