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Originally Posted by skool h8r
MMORPG: For people that can't handle real life.
FPS: For people that was to join the armed forces but without the blood.
RTS: For bossy people
Driving: Vroom vroom, look at me!

Something i have noticed is that people who play MMORPG's also tend to play RTS as well (Type A) whereas people who play FPS also tend to play Driving games (Type B).

Type A people tend to be leaders whereas Type B tend to be more submissive. This, to me is down to the way you can move around more in MMORPG's and RTS, rather than the "closed screen" view that you get with driving games and FPS.

But, anyway...

Originally Posted by Wolf2000me
Skinny people are not petite in every aspect of the body, let me tell you that
Originally Posted by dsio
I was searching for a synonym for testicles that rhymed with hats


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