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After cutting out my window I needed to make some room for the plexi-glass on the back of the panel. The plastic panel had a lot of tabs and molding strips that had to be cut off and sanded to keep a tight fit with the plexi-glass window and the panel.
Dungeon mod-sidepanel-cuttingtabs.jpg

Everything is sanded down on the window-side panel and I filed the stones out. Then I set up the old spraybooth and started primering.
One thing I hate about primer is that is sprays on like loose sand. So before I could add a second coat I have to wipe off the loose dust. Unless I'm doing it wrong of course.
Dungeon mod-sidepanel-primer1.jpg

This is the first time I have used a primer in a paint job. I finally realized why.... the colors will have consitant tints. For example: in my frozen case I painted the entire thing blue, but you can see different shades of blue when the light hits it just right. That is because the metal and plastic I painted on had different base colors. So using a primer keeps everything consistant and professional in the final coat. So the extra steps mean a lot.
Dungeon mod-sidepanel-primer2.jpg
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