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Jeez. Your interpretation of expensive and somebody elses can be entirely different. Same as your needs and somebody elses. Jumping to the conclusion that a 7900/8000 series card is needed is silly.

$150 is a lot of money for a graphics card for some people - especially if it is not required. The fact they mention a 6600 suggests to me that gaming is not a priority. Therefore spending $150 and getting a 7900GS doesn't make sense - when for normal desktop use a $40 card would do the same job just as well. That means they save themselves $100 odd which they could then spend on something else if need be - a TV card for example - or whatever item more matches their needs.
If gaming is what they want to do, then sure by all means. But my point is you can't just jump to these quick conclusions that everybody wants to play games and needs to spend $150 on the thing that shows their screen....

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