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Originally Posted by captinhector
I have tried to get aero to work on a 6800, and it just won't do it, shader model 2 will not cut it.
The 6800 is SM3. If it has FP16 HDR support, then it's SM3.

Personally, if you're not a gamer, the system seems worth it. But if you wanna game, go for a better graphics card. Why spend more than you need to?

Also, it depends whether you are buying the PC, or trying to work out a price for it (e.g. need money for something else). Also, if you're buying, then what do you plan to use the system for?

I bult my current system for about £600, but i bought a lot of the stuff last january when prices were high. Plus there's the whole tax thing here in the UK. I started with a £30 graphics card that did it's job at the time, and then i upgraded components in the order i thought was best (RAM first, from 512Mb to 1Gb), then i added a new graphics card a few months later when i could afford to (from 6200TC to 7600GT). Then just this January, i upgraded my CPU (From 3200+ to X2 4600+). Then last month, i upgraded my RAM again (From 1Gb to 2Gb). In order to upgrade the RAM, i had to sell the 1Gb and buy the 2Gb. It was a matter of getting perfect timing (selling old kit and buying new kit).

So as you can see, most of us started with low-end rigs, and a lot of us have, over time, built that "beige box office PC" into "Power hungry Monster Gaming Rigs". Even i could do it, even though after February last year i was only on £100 a month for my job. I quit in January this year and even now, i'm still reaping the benefits of the money they owed me (by selling that RAM, and saving bit by bit).

So as you can see, even going for a low end PC pays out in the end.
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