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Originally Posted by Samuknow
I am playing through the expansion pack now. I have found my self pretty far away from my desk while playing this game. Seems to scare my chair or something. How is it that this little girl can make me jump so.
Did you mean to finish your sentence then? Did she get you again?

I really need to get FEAR. Think i could make it all the way through by just laughing at it?

I have the SPDemo but i got freaked when a vision tried to eat me after sliding down some stairs. I wasted almost all my ammo on that part as well . If i remember correctly, he was walking towards me trying to eat me and he looked like this: . YUM, CHEWY!

Thing is, i get out of the car, walk through the gap in the fence, towards the sewer thing and then i stop because i know i'm gonna hear the freaky radio crackling and see the little girl run across my screen. Even thinking "it's just a game" doesn't help. Can you imagine if you'd just decided to go down there and then all of a sudden your X-Fi starts squeling like a bitch? Man, that would really freak you out. Lucky i got rid of mine then .

As for Chris, turn down dynamic grass shadows and lighting, those 2 together = rape the 8800GTX. Turn down AA to 2. Also, it could be the level itself. Are there a significant amount of extra entities in this level (such as boxes, barrels, etc) than in other levels? Is there more AI (in your opinion)?

Have you thought of monitoring memory, CPU, and pagefile usage while playing (I'm sure there's something out there that can log it while you're playing).
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