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Originally Posted by keithwalton
Is 178w enough power on your peltier though (that will probably be power draw not cooling power which is alot less) so you may want them in parallel and not series.
But series peltiers would be crazy if it worked and that the 2nd peltier didnt kill the first (whats the operating temperatures since you'll be dragging the hot side below room temp!)
As for powering them, lab grade 12v psu should do the trick if you can pull enough current off it (you may need two..)
There seams to be a lack of informative specifications.

The model is 'inb DT-0.8'

Delta T max = 69C
Voltage = 24V (hence why I was inclined to use a pair of car batteries)

dimensions are 40mmx40mmx3.2mm

The Silverprop coldplate I have is 42mmx42mm with a step in it on one side to fit over the ZIFF socket, and pure silver.

Silverprop actually sell their own Peltiers in up to 250W units, with power supplies and management systems, which makes it tempting to even buy a solution directly from them.

The company is a local outfit thats done some interesting demos, and build their waterblock/coldplate systems specifically for these purposes.

At one point they had one of their waterblocks running fully pressurised, quad stacked with 250W peltiers on top of each other over a Tbred B when it was brand new. Supposedly it was colder than LN2, and completely reliable.

They even sell off the shelf waterblocks designed specifically for Pletier use:

And peltier ready GPU waterblocks
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