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I've been sick for the last month and finally had a chance to work on the case again. I had some kind of respiratory flue and that brought back my mono and then somehow I picked up strep throat. I was feeling better a couple of weeks ago and started working on the mod. Then my strep throat came back again. So back to the doctor and got more antibiotics. I should be back to 100% now and I'm working on the Dungeon case again. Here is two shot of the top panel with some carving work and blow-hole.

Carved and sanded the same way as the side panel. Then primered it up.
I even carved one of the bricks like it was broken off. Ironicly I cut out the blow-hole the same way Weldzilla did on his case. Its just seemed to be the best way to have a hole consistant with the design of the case.
Dungeon mod-top-primer.jpg

Here is a close up of the carving work. Kinda hard to see, but you get the idea.
Dungeon mod-top-bricks.jpg

I also did a test run at making my own door for the front bezel. I am planning to form a door and attach it with some gothic hindges. This will stealth my optical drives and enhance the front bezel. Won't be easy and I won't spoil how I'm going to do it.
Otherwise I'm carving the brick-work on the back-side and going to cut a window for a stained glass affect. Lots of work ahead...
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