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F@H Service Installer

after bragging about the X2F@H installer, I have a problem. after installing the service and editing the config file, the
file FAH2 for the second core shows machine id as 1. that and the program runs on the task bar. I do not have dual core
happiness on this machine and am at a loss as where to start, or restart as the case may be. you see I have uninstalled,
deleted, reinstalled and reconfigured about three times and it's FUBAR after reboot. it ran for two days and I thought all
was well. I checked the stats on EMIII and it gave me RM1's stats. I checked the config file to find that it was
at it's default setting. all points going to RM1 I edited the config file with word pad and after restart all went THIAHB.
what now???

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