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Nice folding park you got there

Maybe the reason why you had several views but few replies is because it's not very easy determining what exactly you're asking. You give a lot of info, which is totally okay, but they're rather hard to place. Well at least for me it is.
Allow me to give you a bit of constructive advice

Use at least one space after a punctuation symbol. I always use two spaces after a point, but that's just me.
Seperate different sections of your text by one enter or two enters if it needs to be emphasized more that it is a seperate section.
When listing components, place them in a list formation like in my signature.
If you have one or multiple problems, make sure their sympthoms are easily readable and seperated from each other.

To your problem.
If it is hard disk related you will find a lot of info in your event viewer accessible from the control panel and then the administrative tools. Look in the system log for errors or warnings.
Occasionally fix your file system. I have noticed that on the epox 8RDA(X) Pro boards the storage controllers aren't exactly always error free. If your file system is NTFS then you should have no problem fixing it through the standard methods provided by your OS.
Note though that not all of these boards have shoddy storage controllers. My current board experiences storage problems quite often. This wasn't the case with my previous board, which is the exact same model as my current one.
My brother also uses an 8RDA6+Pro and has shoddy storage handling too, similar to mine but not quite the same.
But it is no real biggy as it is easily fixable.
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