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Unnusual 7600GS clocks?

Hey, Ive got a 7600GS 3 months ago, but only today when I tried to overclock it (In Vista) with ATi Tool I noticed something wierd.

My clocks are: 400 Mhz (Core) 333 Mhz (Memory). If Im not mistaken, Memory should be 500 Mhz (Which are the defaults, I have a Club3D 7600GS).
Or is it okay, and its me that Im forgetting something very basic about the clocks true speeds?

Oh and by the way, have any of you OC'ed any 7600GS? If yes, to what speeds? (Im using normal cooler, just want to gain some extra juice from it, safely).

P.S First post, don't hit me! Move the topic if I misplaced it. Sorry.

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