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Hey Chris

I happen to have one of those 8800 series cards!!

Right now I am running with the 158.27-32bit-XP-WHQL-Drivers.
I think the 158.19's were maybe just a fraction faster on the benches.
Maybe I haven't really broke them down yet. Both drivers are Xtremely
fast and smooth.

Now I use rivatuner and ATItool both!!
I only use rivatuner to set my fan to run at 100% at startup.
I run the fan n my 8800GTS 320 full speed all the time!! Hey it is a big lumbering quiet fan. It does not whine!!!

I use ATItoll for setting my clocks. I also like the fact when you minimize ATItool it displays your temperature on the task bar. Don't waste your time allowing ATItoll to find your max clocks. It takes forever and it won't find them!! Here is a shot of rivatuner and ATItool together
with rivatuner just hit the customize arrow. the tic the "fixed" then slide to the % you want and hit apply. then put a check into the box to apply the setting at windows start up!!

Now if you are running an older system you are going to be severely CPU limited but, this will still be your fastest smoothest card to date.
By a Mile or for some of you by 1.6 kilometers
Well anyway it is a fast card!!

Now for those of you with a Conroe or quad core.
To get real power from this card you really need only OC your processor to begin to really push this card!!

Running my 6600 conroe on my P5NE-sli clipping along at 400fsb for a speed of 3600mhz my card at stock scores 33,000 on 3D03 and 182,000
on Aquamark at stock speeds on the card!!!

One thing to remember with ATItoll it shows the cpu speed right exactly where it is but, on the memory when you run the slider to 500 that is really a mem speed of 1000and a DDR speed of 2000!!
I bench at 660/504 which is 660/1008 which is 660/2016DDR and that is hauling ass!!! you may need a pencil mod to achieve that mem speed. Remember though with a pencil mod whether you need the extra voltage or not it is always there!!! I game great at Stock!! but 600/450 for 1800 on the mem will do magic when you turn up the eye candy!!!

OK that's a start chris I'll add more later!!!

WZ aka. Tom
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