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Thanks for the info Tom! Great things you're doing with your hardware man. I'll try this evening and see how high I can go with what I have now. I am thinking of getting AC Freezer 7 PRO because the box cooler is ****. What is the safe temp for E4300? Speed fan is giving me 44-50 C readings and TAT 65-74 C when stressing with TAT. I don't want to render my CPU unusable ! I increased the vcore with 0,05. Idle TAT reports a 56 C temp. Yesterday it was late when I finished reinstalling windows and I only benched in 06 with CPU@ 2,7 Ghz and 575 Mhz GPU. core. Tonight I will go at 3 Ghz and maybe 600 GPU. I saw your GPU at 513 and thats a Leadtek thing as far as I know, so.. do you have a Leadtek card Tom? If thats the case you reached 2 Ghz with your memory right?

Thanks, Chris
I've heard that linux community came up with better implemented security in it's latest Linux Mint Gold version, it's actually preventing the user to log in, thus posing 0 risk in contamining the computer with malware! Well done to the open source community!

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