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Originally Posted by Áedán
I'm trying to understand why Apple's embedding a User ID is such a privacy issue? The files are private, not shared with the world. If you don't want someone to know you're buying a track, then don't buy it online, and don't buy it with a credit/debit card.
I'm not sure I see the big deal in this case, either. I think that some people have an unreasonable expectation of privacy while using the internet. I suppose that even I expect SOME aspect of privacy, though my expectations may be smaller than others'. I'd tend to embrace openness, for example anybody on the internet can see every single music track I listen to on my profile. I also rarely carry cash and use an ATM card almost exclusively.

Just doing a spotlight search on my computer for 'Fantomfreq' brings up hundreds of hits of files with metadata with my username and real name attached to them. Receipts, licenses, save files, etc. These files are all stored locally on my computer, so I don't worry about people getting ahold of the data within them. Has my privacy been invaded by including my name in such things as software licenses? I don't really think so.
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