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I am lloking forward to just around the corner. It is going to be great!!!

Hey Sam with the latest strategy I am trying, my Air cooler is keeping my 6400 at 47C at 3400mhz while folding!! thats both cores bouncing around from 45 to 49C spending most of the time at 47. I must tell you that I am quite impressed with me on this one!!
My idle temps are 34C again at 3400mhz. Not bad for a 1230mhz OC.
Even at 3800mhz on my little 6400 I was idling at 39C.
As you well know my main system is LC'd but it is fun to play with air-cooling as most still use it. Just to see how cool I can make it go! I still plan an AC unit this summer. the only thing I want hot in my room is new DX10 Games!!

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