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I was looking around trying to figure out which services I can shut off to save memory and increase performance. I had a couple of thoughts though. Back when WinXP was first introduced, I think most computers ran around 1Ghz and typically had about 256MB or 512MB on a souped up super high end machine. Back then, saving memory by having fewer background processes was a big deal and could noticeably increase performance. Nowadays, a 1Ghz machine with 512MB would be the worse than value box from Dell you can buy for $250 with a dual core CPU. I would think a typical machine now is running dual core at around 2Ghz with about 2GB of memory. Now I think that unless you have a specific reason for not wanting a particular service to run, you should leave 'em all just running. This is the reverse of way back then when you wanted a reason for running a service, instead of wanting a reason to turn it off. So basically, I left 'em all on, although I did switch some of 'em to "manual" instead of "automatic." With SuperPrefetch running all the time, it's not like there's a performance hit with using a little extra memory.
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