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Scrolling behavior.

This is another observation, but it's more subtle. If you read a lot of long pages, you have to scroll and I've developed the habit of scrolling by using the arrow keys. I think I had mentioned that lately I primarily use a notebook. Anyway, I notice that scrolling is a lot smoother than with WinXP. Before, every now and then, the scrolling would stop, and then continue. I'm guessing that this is because the page is being loaded into video memory. I think that because Vista is using both the 3D accelerator and paging video into main memory, this doesn't happen. Anyway, this is another "feature" that I find welcome in Vista. I didn't really realize this until I swapped to a WinXP machine for a bit. I guess once you get used to something like this, it's more noticeable when it's absent than when it's present.

Anyway, here's how much memory Vista uses to page video.... 831MB....
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