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Originally Posted by aztec61
Well if you're going to talk about Vista, let's talk about 64 bit, shall we? What's the point in staying with 32b unless that's all your machine is capable of?
Hmmmmmmmm..... 3 reasons.

1. The vast majority of users who install Vista will install the 32 bit version. There are very few native 64 bit applications out there and running 32 bit apps in Vista64 will have to be done under emulation mode, AKA WOW64. As we all know.... emulation means lower performance and usually lower stability as well.

2. All the tips here also apply to Vista64.

3. And finally, yes, my laptop is a year old (original Yonah) and it's not capable of running a 64 bit OS. Even if I had C2D though, I would still install Vista32 since there's nothing Vista64 offers me. I don't have over 4GB of memory, I don't have any native 64 bit apps, I don't use huge database files, I don't encode 10GB videos. For everyday use with 2GB of memory, Vista32 is fine and has lower memory overhead than Vista64.
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