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All true to some degree, but with that kind of thinking we'll be stuck with ****ty bandwidth OS' until whenever.

A lot of you are waiting breathlessly for Intel Quad core next month (or the next), and planning on getting one for $266., and you're going to run it with 32-bit piece-of **** Vista OS or 32-bit XP?? What's the point? Not to mention the fact that 90% of apps still arent utilizing more than 1 core very well, let alone 4 cores and/or a 64-bit OS and/or over 2GB of RAM. I'm not saying Vista 64 is great, but it IS 64-bit.

It's bull****. Why do you need a 4 core CPU when your OS is a (not very funny) joke?

We're cranking the piss out of our hardware and using slow, antiquated OS and apps. You should listen to the Intel guy who recently said that software needs to catch up with hardware, etc. and so on.

You know what would be nice? If Apple made OS X.x for Winboxen. I'd never look back. How many years has THAT 64-bit OS been out and working well?

Yeah I know...Linux, Linux, Linux.

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