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It started off when i put in a sound card. On start up i got this error(i would show you the link but apparently i cant), every single option i selected, my computer would just shutdown. So i took out the sound card and i got the same error but this time i selected "last known good configuration" and it worked. Then i tried to play cs:s and got a window saying my drivers are out of date. So i go to the ATI site and download the new drivers and restart my computer and i got the same stupid error on start up. I ask around on how to fix that error and people said to just reformat. I reformat and install all the new drivers. I start up CS:S and i got the same window saying that my drivers are out of date. I ignore the message and join a server, but its unplayable. I had 1-20fps on high and low settings. I tried a different game (BF2) and i got the same results as CS:S.

Does any know whats wrong? Ive install different drivers like warcat 7.4, it did add a little fps but still didnt work.

Windows Vista Ultimate
Intel Pentium D CPU 2.80GHz, 2792Mhz, 2 Cores, 2 logical Processors
ATI x1950Pro 256mb DDR3
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