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Bother, this man will impeach himself! He can't help it, it's his nature.
He will have to subvert more and more of the government to continue to hide his crimes. This he lacks the wit to do. They cannot even say "diplomacy"

Why do you think Speaker of the House. Polocy(sp?) took Impeachment off the table? How else to put it on! The demand of the American people is EXACTLY what the Dems are waiting for, they are about to start a war with the executive branch of the government. THEY NEED it to be VERY clear to ALL concerned who represents the people in that war.

And they can't have the American people backing out on them in the middle of the battle, when you Impeach an Imperial president, you'd better be ready to take it to the streets if you have to....

If we let this one go under ANY pretext, we will have given America the next century of corruption. If these clowns don't do jail time we will never be able to rain in our government and make it do our bidding.

We need to Impeach the entire Executive branch! You want Chaney as pres? Hows the Attorney General look as our chief prosecutor on this one? ":O}

BTW If we do Impeach them both whose the sitting President? Why that completely unambitious person who took Impeachment off the table, and that would if I'm not mistaken give us our first woman President, high political stakes indeed hey Hilary? ":O}

Interesting Times! ":O}
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