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Originally Posted by qwikride View Post
Hey guys awesome thread going here. I have question I think you all can help me with. I am biulding the computer listed in my sig this week I have all the parts execpt my case which they said should be here this week. My question is I will be running two ultras in SLi and was wondering if you all would know if the factory Nvidia drivers or modded drivers would be better in SLi? I will be using XP32 bit OS. any suggest would be great.
I would try the latest Tweaks R Us drivers. Many seem to get a little boost from them.

Let us know how it turns out. BTW...That is a nasty rig.

Tell us how that DFI board does too please.
Originally Posted by Daniel ~ View Post
It's OKAY WE accept you as you think you are here! ":O}

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