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Quadcores and windows versions

I am thinking of buying myself a q6600 quad core since the prices have now dropped. Hoowwevvverrr... I really would rather not end up buying vista (the whole 32bit/64bit choice annoys me somewhat).

What I do have is a Copy of Windows 2000 (AFAIK it supports 2 physical processors, but how does that work for multicores?) And a copy of XP Home (I have no idea how this works in regards to multicore support). I may also be able to get my filthy hands on a copy of XP Pro, depending on if the disc we have is a Full CD or just a crappy McRecovery disc.

So yeah. Do 2k / Home / Pro support quadcores? Should I bite the bullet and get Vista? If so, which version of?

I r hardware interested. Software bores me!
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