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Originally posted by tiburon
does anyone know if there's a program that will accurately monitor my cpu temperature , and preferably keep a log. my motherboard is sort of screwy, it's not displaying my multiplier shows 6, when my multiplier is actually 10. so i'm not too trusting of the way it shows my cpu temp at 46-50 on boot up from having been left alone for several hours.

i used speedfan 4.02 and it shows my cpu temp at 42 idle and 48-50 under full load. this probably isn't as accurate as the bios monitor SHOULD be though...

also, is my cpu usage supposed to fluctuate so much? for a second, it's at 100%, then 2%, then 95%....etc. that's happening now, as i type this post, and the only thing on is IE and task manager. using winxp pro, do all those 'processes' contribute a lot to this?

thanks for any help
in this case no program will accurately detect your temps because the temp probe itself isn't accurate.
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