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Re: Re: ElanVital T-15

Originally posted by Dragons Gate
Hay Im working on my first one too and I must say it looks great from where Im at. Whats that on the top? Did you add a another box in order to achive the shape. t looks like you have the Temp Doctor temp monitor on it, cant wait for the duckies so I can get one.
ya i know the feeling. always think three steps ahead. i'm getting kinda used to the dremmel though. infact, i like the dremmel so much, i'm modding 2 other cases at the same time. i don't even have the windows yet.

NO, the ElenVital T-15 came like that. the best thing about it is that i can keep all the drive in the upper bay and keep the lower bay cooer.

i can' wait to see how yours turn out. i can imagin the lighting effects. was that case purple from the start? it looks pretty neat . good luck to ya...

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