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Originally Posted by keithwalton View Post
I'm using the same asus board and its currently on its 3rd and last cpu! (P4 930, E6700, Q6600) time has been kind to this board, the p4 was only in there a month but the E6700 was in there the best part of a year.

Depending on how good the X38's are though it may well be replaced before the cpu.

As for that amd marketing page, ok yeah i dare ... so err now what no further links or anything do they expect me to sit and wait ? If so november the 12th is a far more interesting date
Yeah you got a much earlier start on the P5W DH than I did. I didn't come in until the 6600 were starting to drop in price, I'll probably got right to quad from here.

Keith, will this board do Nvidia SLI or just ATI?
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