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Thanks for the cheers Daniel. I appreciate it.

weldzilla, thanks for the compliment. Much much appreciated.

Originally Posted by Pitch View Post
Do correct me if I'm wrong, but don't those 50" Plasmas only have 768 horizontal lines, how are you outputting to 1080p?
Yes, it is correct that my plasmas have 768 vertical resolutions. What it does is that, with right components and setup, it accepts 1080p signal from the HD/Blu-Ray source to the TV. My hardware is HDCP compliant and works well with my DVI-D connection. Because it's not a 1080p panel, it compresses the image a bit, but it does certainly put out exceptional PQ playing 1080p content than the 1080i content. The benefit I get is more stable, sharper, graphical arifact-free pictures at fast motions. Also my TV is running at 1:1 pixel mapping, which will also edge out in detail and sharpness than the TV without 1:1 pixel mapping. The benefit is the blurriness/softness is removed, giving razor sharp pictures.

To quickly review, three things that make my plasma to display outstanding and sharp pictures are:

- HDCP compliant via DVI-D
- 1080p(progressive) content
- 1:1 Pixel Mapping (square pixels) in the panel

well of course there are a lot more than just three factors that make pictures good quality but those three are the typical ones. Resolutions don't really mean much. Generally the panels with fewer resolutions have the edge in contrast/punchiness. Pixels in these panels generally can illuminate brighter, Panasonic 480p and 720/768p panels especially. 1080p panels tend to look a little flatter, giving less 3D-depth. This is another reason why I'm sticking with the 720/768p panels... I could've easily bought the 1080p 50" plasma but my 768p does serve me(and others) better.
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