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Originally Posted by dabaerman View Post
question for ThunderRd. is SMP used for folding one client wit two (both)
cores of a single cpu? will that alone make it fold faster? currently getting
100+ ppd per core @ 50%.
I'm not exactly sure I understand the question. Are you now running the SMP client? If you are there is something dramatically wrong. Of course I don't know what your gear is, but you should be using 100% CPU on a dual core machine, and you should be getting somewhere in the neighborhood of 800 ppd...that's 400 per core. My pentium D's and opterons get between 850-1050 ppd, depending on the WU.

If I understand you correctly, you are running two instances of the normal client...that would yield about what you are saying. Yes, one SMP client for both cores. It was developed for quads, but works fairly well on duals to sync the cores and calculate faster. Go to the SMP and you will increase your production 4-5 times. Do your homework before trying it out, though. I'll help you however I can.
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