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Originally Posted by (EviL DeaD) View Post
Hello everybody,

Well I stumbled on to these forums trying to look for a solution to my problem.

I have a 8rda3+ pro with a Athlon XP M 2600, only its not recognizing the processor. I seem to have the latest BIOS(2/8/06). The processor clocks at 1.2 Ghz when I set the memory to 200 Mhz, and states that it is a unknown processor.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
This is absolutely normal. The only thing to do is setting parameters manually. You probably tried Merlins bios for your board?
8RDA6+ Pro Romsip Mod

There were two releases and both them require a little extra info, as there are a few minor flaws.
The 8RDA6+Pro and 8RDA3+Pro are the same board, the last one lacks the SI SATA RAID controller. That's the only difference.

This board is excellent for overclocking and Merlins bios mod makes it even better. First check for stable memory then CPU. If your cooling can take it you can also add as much voltage over the CPU as you'd posibly need. Try it, those XP-M chips are great.
Always, always run in synchronized mode with memory and FSB.
If you have additional questions, just ask.
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