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Ran in to troubles again with SMP and Wolf3. I will write it exactly how it appears:

"MPI CH2 Process Manager Argone National Lab removed
MPI CH2 Process Manager Argone National Lab installed but fail to start.
The service did not respond to the start or control request in a timely fashion (error 1053).

account <domain\user> [WOLF3\Juan]"

From that point on I have try various combinations and nada. 3 or four lines explainnig the error that finish something like "the machine actively refuse it" or something.

Installed net 2.0 and have password. I have uninstall/reinstall a couple of times. Where or when I run 'install.bat'. I know is in the DOS install file, but where/when????,mayday,mayday..._ _ _... ..._ _ _...
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