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It would help if I knew how the message came up. Were you starting the client, shutting it down, or was it crunching at the time? What else were you doing at the time? Was this machine already running the client, and did it upload a finished WU already? In other words, was it a properly installed client at some point? Are you overclocking the box? If so, how much? Is the client running as service? A peek at the fahlog in the install directory would also be helpful.

In the absence of that info, I can only recommend to try this:

Close the client, and all instances of mpiexec and fahcore with task manager. Go into the installation directory and find a file called install.bat. Run it. You will see some messages about installing and/or removing MPI. Enter your username [wolf3/juan] and then enter your password two times when prompted.

After that you will see something like "If you see this twice, MPI is working."

If that happens, you should be good to go. Start the client and see what happens. If it doesn't start right away, be patient. Shut down mpi and the cores. Wait a minute, and start the client again. Remember what I told you in an earlier post; sometimes you have to do this a few times when there has been a problem.

If this doesn't work, uninstall the client through add/remove, reboot your machine, delete the installation directory and reinstall. After reinstalling, run the install.bat program again, and try to light up the client. It should start and reach out to an assignment server for the core and a WU.

If none of this works, post again.

Or punt.
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