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First step; REMOVE the overclock and run the client at stock for some time. See if it runs ok then. By some time I don't mean a few hours. I mean a few days to a week. Learn about the client. Observe it. Watch task manager. Find out what it should be doing and what it shouldn't. Get used to it.

I mentioned before that it would be a good idea to let it "settle in" before overclocking.

If you don't want to listen to me, listen to SteveI. He said the same and he's forgotten more than I know about this client.

And if you don't want to listen to Steve, listen to this guy:
Originally Posted by 7im
Networking problems can cause the SMP client to error out. Too much overclocking can do the same thing.
He's one of the site moderators on the folding-community forum. I *think* he prolly knows his stuff.

Relax and go slowly. Don't rush it, it has too many quirks to do that. I waited for a month before I began to overclock. My farm is now overclocked only 10% and I know it should do at least 15-20%, maybe more. But it will stay like this for another month before I begin to push it further.

I deal with at least one or two random problems daily on my boxen. The same kinds of things; EOE's, I/O errors, hung clients, network problems, etc etc. I'm still trying to find out what the "triggers" are for these problems. Some I have learned, some I haven't. But one thing I don't want to do is introduce an entirely new set of problems by overdoing the OC. Better to learn what I can first, then experiment.
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