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Originally Posted by SteveI View Post
Careful with overclocks. The memory & CPU are both very highly stressed while folding, and the SMP core is very sensitive. If the WU has a lot of progress, let it go until it completes... Last thing you need is to have the core dump the WU @ 99% due to an overclock problem.

Whaaaa,Whaaaa, Whaaaaa, that's exactly what happened. Lost the wu (5000) @99%

I know I'm becoming a pain in the neck, but I'm feeling better and want to deal with this once and for all (or not).

First: Can't find the "install.bat file.

Second: What am I suppose to type after ---> "account <domain\user> [WOLF3\Juan]"
This is where troubles start. OK no OC. I give up for the time being.
Now......can anybody help me?,...please!!!
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