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Oh crap! Help!!!!!!!!!

k, i know this was a VERY VERY VERY stupid idea- but- i had 4 20gig u-100 and i bought an 100gig ibm- i needed to ghost Windows2000pro onto the new drive and then copy all the stuff to the 100 from the 20's. So i figured... why dont i use symantic ghost 6.5 enterprize.............. Welll, it worked till about 80 percent and then give an error saying that an incosistancy between the drives has occured... ************@$!$#@!%$$!)#^ UGGGGGGGGGGGGG. Well, i rebot, pull the ghost and i get bsod!!!!!!!!!!! ******* MAN! DUDE!THIS SUX! luckly this only had all my saved games and word docs and such....................... But the drives corrupted- how do i get it back????? I reinstalled 2000pro on the 100gig, but i want the info on the corrupted 20!!!!!!!!

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