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Intel Mack Truck Mod

I have a friend at Church that works at Intel and his department has been commisioned to build a computer mod for Intel & Macintosh. So they bought two RCA Mack Semi's and started brainstorming. I've been asked to do the painting and some work to mount an LCD screen on the back of the cab.
They are using a super small motherboard with a Core 2 Duo, laptop hard-drive, slim optical drive and an AC adapter.
Its going to be at a show on October 25 so I have 2 week to complete the painting and they are working on fitting & mounting all the hardware.

Some pictures of the final Mack Truck Mod

Intel Mack Truck Mod-pict0040.jpg

Intel Mack Truck Mod-pict0042.jpg

This is the original rendering they eBlock team put together for the contest. It won them a comission to build this mod.

Intel Mack Truck Mod-original-rendering.jpg

This is the real Intel Orange County Choppers Mack Truck we are using as a model for the mod. We are doing our own decals but I'm coloring the whole thing black except for some blue highlights at the front.

Intel Mack Truck Mod-choppertranspo.jpg
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