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I had to begin by peeling off all the original decals from the model. This is an absolute pain because they are really stuck! I had to soak them with mineral spirits and then use a palette knife to peel it back. All the while I was trying not to scratch the plasic.

Intel Mack Truck Mod-panels-stickers.jpg

Finally done with the stickers, now I have to sand down each panel so the new paint will stick. I'm not using primer because when I paint the cab it will be way to hard to sand every little edge.

Intel Mack Truck Mod-white-panels.jpg

I am also mounting a 7inch LCD screen that slides out with automation. Its made for an automobile so you can put it in the stereo slot. Instead I'm constructing a storage area made of plexi-glass that will hide the LCD chassi and appear as if it was part of the cab. Here I'm scoring the plexi-glass to break it in even intervals.

Intel Mack Truck Mod-scoring.jpg

Here is the LCD screen inside the storage component. It fits well but unfortunately I've started over from scratch. I got to impatient and starte epoxying the plastic before I cut it to fit.

Intel Mack Truck Mod-cab-lcd1.jpg

finally the trailer is finished. I used a cool appliance laquer that come in spray cans. It has a fairly smooth finish and is pretty tough. Its almost impossible to do a perfect finish but it will do. If I had the time, I would do a clearcoat and polish it down until it was as shiny as a car.

Intel Mack Truck Mod-trailer-black.jpg
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