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Craig has the motherboard and parts all mounted an wired. I saw it in action last Friday. He's wired the leds from all the lights to their own powersupply. He did a great job getting everything to fit. He even glued the speakers to the sides of the cab.

Here I started to scrap off all the original stickers so I could start masking and sanding. I didn't care if the paintjob was scratched because I'm going to do some sanding.

Intel Mack Truck Mod-cab-desticker.jpg

All stickers removed and I used mineral spirits to get that nasty adhesive off. Nice shiny cab, but not for long. I threw the LCD on back to show where its going to sit. I also masked off anything that couldn't be removed like the speakers, headlights and power button.

Intel Mack Truck Mod-cab-mask.jpg

Here is the first coating of blue before I do the fade. It really didn't matter which color I used first but blue seemed good after a lot of sanding. I didn't have time to use a primer so I coated it at least 5 times to make sure the red didn't come through.

Intel Mack Truck Mod-cab-blue.jpg

This is part of the LCD mount I have fabricated from plexi-glass. I'm beveling the edges so it has smooth corners when the pieces are attached. I have filed so much this last week that I am getting sore.

Intel Mack Truck Mod-filing-bevel.jpg

I'm going to finish it tonight and take some more pictures. It won't be totally finished because the rest of the team has to put all the electronics back in and wire it up. Wait till you see where I put the DVD drive...
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